Float in movies

We've all heard of, and most of us have been to, the good old drive in movie theater  where we get to sit in cars and watch a movie on the big screen. Well, how does sitting in a boat and/or floating in the lake or swimming pool while watching a movie on the big screen sound? That's exactly what we are doing here at Calm Waters Resort!


Summer is the perfect time to watch movies while floating in the lake. We have a big screen that we set up on the dock and the movie can be viewed from both sides.



We also show movies from our pool/pavilion area. Our covered pavilion is right by our pool. We set up the same big screen between the pool and the pavilion this way you can view from either side.  You can watch by floating in the pool, relaxing by  it, or under the cover of our pavilion. You can also sit by the campfire (located right next to the pavilion) to watch. The kids love toasting hot dogs, marshamallows and making smores while watching the big screen.



Are you wondering what movies we play? We play a variety depending on the crowd.  Some favorites so far this year have been: Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, The Secret Lifeof Pets, The Lego movie and The Goonies, just to name a few. We are very open to suggestions, though, and want to play what you want to see!  We have also had family reunions play home movies!  How wonderful to see your family's home videos up on the big screen! Seeing the joy on their faces as they watch their home videos on the big sceeen was absolutely priceless! There was also one family who reserved the entire resort for their reunion and requested that we play Jaws on the big screen ... on the lake! It was so much fun!



So, you can float in the lake and watch, watch from your boat, or sit on our dock in one of our comfy Adirondack Chairs or swings and watch without getting wet!

What would you to like to see playing while floating in the lake or pool?

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